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          The Hyrdo Harvester is designed to extract drinkable water from air at a cost less than five cents per litre.

          该项目为首 Professor Behdad Moghtaderi, has been awarded $330,000 from the NSW Physical Sciences Fund to prepare the prototype for commercial trial.

          “By 2025, it’s estimated that 1.8 billion people will live in regions with absolute water scarcity,” Professor Moghtaderi said.


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          Professor Moghtaderi said unlike commercially available AWGs, the Hydro Harvester works by heating air instead of cooling it.

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          “Our technology is designed to operate independent of the ambient temperature and humidity, so it’s suitable in virtually any environmental condition, 和 is cheaper to run.”

          的澳门赌场app 研究 Associate, 安德鲁博士了Maddocks, said the Hydro Harvester is suitable for residential, community or industrial applications 和 therefore should help improve water accessibility anywhere in the world.

          “The simplicity of the technology, with no fancy materials 和 low maintenance costs, means it’s viable for use in developing countries too,” Dr Maddocks said.

          “It will produce water at less than five cents per litre, 和 even cheaper if it’s operated at a larger scale utilising waste heat.

          You can imagine the difference this kind of technology would make to drought-stricken areas or in an isolated village of a developing country.

          “We’re proud to see our researchers tackling global issues and helping to bring about very tangible 和 accessible solutions for people right across the world,” Professor Hodgson said.

          Alongside Professor Moghtaderi 和 Dr Maddocks, the 大学's Hydro Harvester project team includes Associate Professor Elham Doroodchi, 博士普里西拉tremain周郑医生。



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